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Pictures of Flea Bites on Pets

It’s very sad for pet owners to watch their beloved pets suffer from flea bites.  Flea bites are a common cause of hot spots.  Pets claw and scratch and the fleas and at the site of where they are bitten.  The clawing often leads to the tearing of the skin which can lead to the skin getting infected.

puppy dog with fleas

Here are some pictures of flea bites on pets.  Fleas can bite most any kind of pet but for the purpose of this website we’re just going to show you photos of flea bites on dogs and cats only instead of showing a broad range of animals.

Flea Bites on Dogs Pictures:

flea bites on dogs

This picture shows the flea bite marks on the dog as well as a flea in the photo.

flea bites on a dog

Most people think of dogs getting fleas the most, but cats can get fleas just as easily as dogs.

cat with fleas

Pictures of Flea Bites on Cats

flea bites on cat

If flea bites on cats get out of hand it can lead to severe allergic reactions and dermatitis.

cat allergy dermatitis from fleas