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Pictures of Flea Bites on Humans

Flea Bites on Humans

When people have bite marks from insects it’s often hard to distinguish what actually bit them.  For this post I will show you pictures of flea bites on humans including flea bites on all sorts of people ranging from children to adults.

If you have been suspecting fleas and you have bites like these you need to get flea treatment right away.  Flea bites on people can be harmful and very uncomfortable.  They cause incredibly itching.

This first picture is of flea bites on a woman’s back.

flea bites on human back

Here’s a very sad picture of flea bites on a baby.

flea bites on baby

The fleas have bitten him all over his belly and on his arms.

Here’s a picture of flea bites on a person’s legs.

flea bites on people

This woman has flea bites all up her side and on her back.

flea bites on human side

Here’s another picture of flea bites on a child.

flea bites on a child

We plan to post more photos of flea bites on people soon.  If you have pictures of where fleas have bitten you or your family members please send them to us to include on the site.