Identifying Fleas

How to Identify Fleas

Fleas are one of the most annoying parasites in the world.  If your house is infested with fleas or your pets have fleas it’s important to identify them early on and get flea treatment.  Many people have a hard time identifying fleas compared to ticks, chiggers, and other parasites.

It’s very important to check your dogs or cats for fleas regularly.  You should inspect them each time they go outside and each time they are around other animals.  A simple brushing with another dog or cat and your pet could have a few fleas jump on board.

Take a comb and gently brush over the top of your pet’s fur from front to back.  Do a shallow combing first.  You don’t want to to a deep combing at first because of your pet has a flea or tick already biting into the skin when the comb touches it it could cause the flea or tick to spit out harmful bacteria into the animal.

As you are combing watch for fleas to jump.  Fleas are notorious for jumping around.  If you see a tiny insect jumping, you know it’s a flea.  Ticks don’t do that.

When checking your pets for fleas you will need to know what you are looking for.  This is what an adult flea looks like.  This is a closeup picture.

flea close up

When looking through the pet’s fur this is what fleas look like in the fur

fleas on pets

This is what fleas look like in their natural size.  You can see how small they are compared to a finger.

checking pets for fleas

Now that you know what fleas look like and you can identify them you need to get some good flea treatment for your pet as well as your home.