How To Kill Fleas

How to Kill Fleas


If you don’t kill the fleas in your home and on your pets they will keep reproducing and their population will continue to grow.  Before long the flea infestation will be overwhelming.

First things first, give your pets a flea bath and make sure they wear a flea collar.  That won’t kill all the fleas and it won’t totally prevent your pets from getting fleas, but it is a great deterrent and works much better than doing nothing at all.

Some people don’t believe in using chemical pesticides and insecticides.  They think it is inhumane and harmful to the environment.  However, I’m not one of those people.  I recommend either calling an exterminator or buying flea bombs and flea sprays.  Do whatever it takes to nip the flea infestation in the bud.   If you don’t, expect an itch-fest to occur and continue until you final decide to put your foot down and really deal with the problem.

Professional exterminators can be expensive, and as I mentioned, many people don’t like using flea bombs or tick sprays in their homes and around their animals.   So here are some natural home remedies to kill fleas in your home safely and naturally.

Tips to get rid of fleas at home:

  1. Vacuum your home thoroughly.  Don’t just vacuum the normal places.  Take some time to move furniture around and really give the whole house a good cleaning.  Be sure to give extra attention to carpeted areas, rugs, pillows, couches, etc.  As soon as you’re finished make sure to throw the vacuum bag away outside of the home so the fleas don’t get out.
  2. Wash all the clothes in your house and also wash all the pet toys that are machine washable.  The ones that aren’t machine washable, vacuum them or clean them by hand.  Hot water and soap will kill fleas, so the more things you can wash the more fleas you can kill.
  3. A good, non toxic way to rid your home of fleas is to identify areas where you have seen fleas and then fill small bowls with water and detergent and place them in those areas.  Put a light shining on the water at night when everything else is dark.  The fleas are drawn to the light and will end up hopping right into the bowls and drowning.  You can check the bowls the next morning and literally find hundreds of dead fleas in there.  This trick really works.
  4. If you’re not interested in luring fleas into a flea trap and drowing them, a good form of pest control for fleas infestations is diatomaceous earth.  You can by this powder at most stores like Walmart, Lowes, etc.  Diatomaceous Earth is safe for humans, children and animals but it kills fleas.  The powder makes the fleas’ skin cut open and blood come out, which makes them dehydrate and dry up, eventually killing them.  To me, this is every bit as inhumane or more humane than using pesticides and insecticides that kill fleas.  But regardless, who do you care more about – people and pets? or fleas?  Exactly.

    I hope these tips to get rid of fleas has been helpful.  If you have more ways to kill fleas please send them to me to add to the list.